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Kitchen Countertops

One of the easiest ways to increase the lifetime value of your home is to install beautiful kitchen countertops. For those looking to sell, countertop installation should rank right alongside a new coat of paint and curbside landscaping on the list of items necessary to maximize your selling price. Many people in the Ottawa area see it as an arbitrary feature that certain people overvalue, but the reality is high end buyers are looking for high end features such as a marble or granite countertop and research has shown they are willing to pay. Additionally, with thousands of varieties of quartz, engineered stone, marble and granite there is almost no chance you won’t be able to find a stone that matches your interior design strategy.

Here is a quick breakdown of what each type of stone is exactly, and where it fits into your kitchen renovation strategy;

Laminate: This is the best value for your money, it won’t chip or mark easily, but it will not command a higher price. If you need a quick solution, or perhaps are renovating a rental property, this is your choice.

Quartz / Engineered Stone: Compiled of several quartzite materials this is probably the best value you can get other than the full granite or marble option. You basically get the look of a granite countertop without the price tag, and a little less selection in terms of colour.

Granite: The best you can get is granite. This is exactly what will get you the higher prices when selling your home. The stone is super hard and will not scratch meaning it lasts longer than engineered stone countertops. 

Marble: This is the ultimate in luxury, and while it offers the ability to attract the very high end buyers, the price tag reflects this. The surface will not easily show blemishes and any knicks or scratches if they do appear can be fixed relatively easily.

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